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Georgian Triangle Humane Society Dogfest


GTHS Dogfest!!! What an honour to be part of such a great cause. All of the staff and vendors were so welcoming and I could tell that a lot of pride, love and hard work went into such a heartwarming event. I would like to thank Calla Lyon and Alanna Orr for letting me come out and take photos of some of our beautiful four legged friends.


If you notice that your dog’s photos are missing please feel free to contact me as the photos may not have turned out as we had hoped. (Ex: too much movement, blurry, etc)


Thank you and it was a pleasure meeting everyone! And to all of you who have adopted a pet from any shelter I would just like to send an extra special hug your way for all you have done in providing a loving home to an animal in need.



*Please click on the image below to enlarge*


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